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Welp, living expensses just went up again, so I'm pushing for even more work. I'm looking to take on a lot more commissions each month to try and supplement the difference. I made this post in the Collabinator if you want more details, but here is the jist of what I'm willing to do and what you can expect it to cost.

  • I do illustration and graphic design and will draw just about anything including, but not limited to, characters, creatures, backgrounds, and logos.
  • I like to work in a lot of different styles, so if there is particular look you have in mind just ask I'll tell you if I think I could do it and how much it would cost.
  • All price are negotiated based on how long I think it will take each project. Small graphic design elements might be $10-$50, full color illustrations might be between $50-$150, a fully colored comic page could be between $100-$250 depending on detail and complexity.
  • I will make private commissions, but that has a premium on top of the cost since I can't use it to promote.
  • I'm fine with NSFW (nudity, violence, gore, etc.), but I don't do pornagraphic content like the act of sex. For comic work, if it was implicit, like everything leading up to and after, that would be fine. It's just not something I draw.

So, if you have some money and want some art, please, shoot me a DM and we can start negotiations. Obviously, you can find samples of my work on my profile. Though, the Collabinator post above also includes a comic page from a unpublished comic that got scrapped and it is a good example worth looking at that you won't find anywhere else.


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Available for Work

Illustrator for hire

Freelance illustrator available for most types of artistic work ranging from traditional to digital mediums.

I'm stylistically flexible and have few reservations about what I will draw as long as it is at least borderline safe for work. I mostly just won't do anything outright sexual. Nothing against it, I just personally don't want to draw it. I mostly do comic and manga related art, including everything from the illustration to graphic design elements. You can see plenty of examples of the range of my work on my profile, but I will include some of my favorite examples below.

I'm a fairly old-school freelancer preferring direct negotiation over the sort of price sheets seen these days. Depending on what you are looking for, you can expect the cost of illustrations to fall somewhere between $50 - $150 unless you want something really insane. On the other hand, quicker graphic design elements might fall between $10 - $50 pending the complexity and how many are needed. Just shoot me a DM about what you are looking for and I will be blunt with you on how much it would cost. I also allow for anonymous and/or private commissions, but work I can't use to promote my future services comes at an extra premium.

Types of work I normally do:

  • Character art and design (I have no problem drawing your OCs or IPs)
  • Backgrounds and scenery
  • Scenes (characters in environments doing stuff)
  • Comic panels/pages (expect to hit the higher end per fully colored and lettered page)
  • Covers/pin-ups/posters/wallpapers
  • Pixel sprites (animated loops cost per unique frame)
  • Overlays, menus, and other assets
  • Profile pictures/banners
  • Logos and word art
  • Greeting cards
  • Trading cards

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